CURT’S Record

Proven constitutional Champion

A strong advocate for the rule of law, curt meier will always keep his oath to protect and defend the constitution of wyoming and the united states of america.

proven Free-Market businessman

From the age of 12 until he was 29, Curt worked at the side of his father— a pioneer in center-pivot irrigation. When his father passed away from a heart attack in 1982, Curt took over the irrigated farm, which covered more than 3,000 acres.

At its peak, the agricultural operation employed more than 50 people and shipped products all over North America.

Curt remained flexible to changing market demands, operating a successful irrigation business and at one point adapted his agricultural operation to include a vegetable cooperative.

Proven experience guarding your tax dollars


As a Wyoming State Senator since 1995, Curt has years of experience in standing for Wyomingites freedoms and fighting against burdensome taxes and out-of-control government overreach. His experience has provided the perfect preparation for being our state’s top financial guardian for each and every taxpayer:


  • Chairman Senate Transportation, Highway and Military Affairs Committee (2015-present)
  • State Retirement Board Liaison (2009-present)
  • Select Water Committee (1999-2000; 2011-present)
  • Select Committee on Capital Financing & Investments (2001-2002; 2011-14)
  • Council of State Govts (West) Transportation & Economic Development Committee (2015-16)
  • Council of State Govts (West) Transportation & Infrastructure Committee (2017-18)
  • State Employee Compensation Subcommittee
  • Chairman Workers Compensation Subcommittee
  • State Treasurer Advisory Committee (Treasurer Cynthia Lummis & Joe Meyer)

Awards and Acknowledgements


2017 Patrick henry award for years of outstanding and exceptional service to the armed forces 

National guard association of the united states


Endorsed by Wyoming Right to Life




Patriot lifetime member


Defender of the 2nd Amendment award – NRA Institute for legislative action

Award for conservative excellence – The American Conservative Union

Award for conservative Achievement – The American Conservative Union



National leadership Award – National Republican congressional committee under Speaker newt gingrich



Principles of Liberty

Top 2 PRinciples of liberty score in wyoming state senate 2017 legislative session



Exemplary Service on Behalf of Public Transit in Wyoming – The Wyoming Public Transit Association


Endorsed by Federated Fire Fighters of Wyoming

Endorsed by Wyoming Public Employees Association