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Curt Meier is a Wyoming farmer and businessman who has been member of the Wyoming State Senate since 1995. He grew up on a farm and started developing his work ethic by helping his grandfather fill corn and bean planters when he was 12 years old— and the 100-pound bean sacks weighed almost as much as he did!

From that time on, he has lived within a 1/4 mile of the place where he and his brother grew up “fishing on the creek like Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer” in LaGrange, Wyoming. After winning state championships in basketball and track while attending LaGrange High School, Curt received a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science at the University of Wyoming, where he attended school on an academic scholarship and was a classmate of former State Treasurer Cynthia Lummis.

From the age of 12 until he was 29, Curt worked at the side of his father— a pioneer in center-pivot irrigation. When his father passed away from a heart attack in 1982, Curt took over the irrigated farm, which covered more than 3,000 acres. Curt’s wife, Charlene, taught school in Goshen County for 44 years, while he continued to successfully managed his growing business ventures. Curt remained flexible to changing market demands over the years, operating a successful irrigation business and at one point adapting his agricultural operation to include a vegetable cooperative as well.

Curt is a lifelong Republican and public servant, and says he became committed to both when he heard Ronald Reagan’s speech at the Republican National Convention in 1964.

“Goldwater edged him out that year, but Reagan’s keynote speech made me a Republican when I was 11-years old. I heard what he said, and knew that’s what I was,” he says. “Since that time, I’ve knocked on doors. I’ve walked the streets. I’ve put up yard signs, made public service announcements and worked for other candidates. Anytime I thought I could go someplace and make a difference for the Republican Party, I was glad to go.”

Curt is proud of his service in the Wyoming State Senate, and has been recognized by numerous organizations for the work he has done for the citizens of Wyoming. He was presented with the Patrick Henry Award for service to veterans and the National Guard in the past year for the work he performed as the Chairman of the Senate’s Transportation, Highways and Military Affairs Committee. He is most proud, however, of the work he did with Chairman Bill Barton on the Transportation Committee early in his Senate career to establish a trust fund for senior citizen transportation needs that has purchased busses to transport seniors in the majority of communities in Wyoming.

Curt’s success in business and the legislature prompted him to relieve himself of day-to-day responsibilities for his business operations so he could commit himself to serving the people of Wyoming full-time, and he believes he can be most valuable to the state in the office of State Treasurer.

“I’m not running for this office to get a job, and I’m not running to put another feature in my cap. I can devote all of my time to doing the things the Treasurer has to do, and I have the experience, knowledge and passion to do that job well,” Curt says.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Wyoming State Sen. Curt Meier was recognized for his support of the Wyoming Military Department.

Curt Meier received the Patrick Henry Award from the Wyoming National Guard Association.  The Patrick Henry award recognizes civic leaders or elected officials who distinguished themselves with outstanding and exceptional service to the armed forces.

Curt was recognized for his more than 20 years of legislative support, including being instrumental in ensuring veterans of Wyoming’s military can pay in-state tuition at Wyoming colleges and the university and for obtaining hiring preferences for veterans.
“He has spent countless hours working alongside military leaders to comprehend military processes and find language to create the applicable intent in legislative bills that were both meaningful and beneficial,”


I filed for Wyoming State Treasurer with my lovely wife Charlene on her birthday, May 17th.

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